Reach customers directly from your phone’s text messaging app and visualize the conversation in Salesforce

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Along with our exclusive products, we customize features to address YOUR situation. Our engineers build custom Salesforce functionality that seamlessly addresses your needs.

Customer Development

All incoming leads can be matched to your ideal customer profile by criteria such as location, industry, job title, and company size. This level of customization can save your sales team time and improve conversions.

Data Migration

Whether it’s importing, exporting or cleaning data, our migration services have earned a reputation for their ease of use. We also sync your data with other databases, partners, and tools.

Third-Party Integration

It’s not easy to install and configure add-ons. Our experience working with a variety of integrations such as Pardot, Ticketmaster, Invoca and more make integrating with a Third-Party tool as easy as pie.


Proper administration is key to maximizing your Salesforce investment so our experienced administrators can facilitate this process to ensure you get what you need.


Our standard reports and custom-built dashboards, surface the data that drives informed decisions for your business. Key insights that that are crucial to your success are always within hands reach.

Text Customers Without Changing Your Workflow

Designed as a 1-1 communication tool with sales professionals in mind, Uplink alleviates the need for a separate dedicated mobile app to chat with a new lead or customer. Now you can text directly from your cell phone, like you would to a friend, to connect with customers and remove boundaries without the friction of using a separate messaging system.

Visualize Conversations in Salesforce

See messages in desktop or on mobile in Salesforce. Only Uplink makes it possible to text directly from your phone’s native messaging app, automatically log conversations in Salesforce, and visualize them exactly as they appear on your phone. Compatible with both Classic and Lightning experiences. Make it easier to seamlessly access text conversations in Salesforce.

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